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"DIABLO" Be Xtrem Diablo Canyon

Date  of Birth 07/01/2019
Black & white Male
Smooth coat
Weight 16 kg
Size 53 cm

Full dentition and correct scissor bite

Hips A, certified by Setov
Elbows 0, certified by Setov
Shoulders OK, OCD free, certified by OFA

CEA carrier by Combigen
MDR1 free by Combigen
CL free by Combigen
IGS free by Combigen
MH free by Combigen
TNS free by Combigen
DM free by Combigen
Glaucoma and Goniodygenesis free por Combigen
Sensory Neuropathy free by Combigen
Dental Hypomineralization free (Raine Sindrome) by Combigen
PLL free by Combigen
Cistinuria Type II free by Combigen
Hyperuricemia free (HUU) by Combigen
Hiplaxia 1 and 2 free by Combigen
EAOD free by MyDogDNA

Combigen Border Collie Pack and complete MyDogDNA panel done, free of 210 diseases, CEA carrier.

Tricolor carrier
Sable carrier
Rought coat carrier

Competing in Agility Standar A3
Herding instinct


WelshRiverdee Wildest Performance [SWI] Agility


Misty Highland Uppsala [POL] Agility


Diablo like his father is a super noble dog, socially perfect with all kinds of dogs, whether they are puppies, females or males. With people he is ultra affectionate, without fears or insecurities in daily life, perfect in every way.

In sports, it undoubtedly stands out both for its power and its movement, it has very good elasticity and compression capacity, it also has a very wide stride and incredible strength and power.

One of the great virtues of him is the natural On – Off that he has and his knowing how to be in any environment or situation.