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"JOY" Airland Enjoy the Adventure of Phoenix

Date of Birth 27/05/2020
Tricolor Female
Medium coat
Weight – kg
Size – cm

Breeder: Airland

Full dentition and correct bite
Agility Preagility
Herding instinct

Caderas pendiente
Codos pendiente
Hombros pendiente

MDR1 free by parentage
CL free by parentage
IGS free by parentage
MH free by parentage
TNS free by parentage
DM free by parentage
Glaucoma and Goniodygenesis free por parentage
Sensory Neuropathy free by parentage
Dental Hypomineralization free (Raine Sindrome) by parentage
PLL free by parentage
Cistinuria Type II free by parentage
Hyperuricemia free (HUU) by parentage
Hiplaxia 1 and 2 free by parentage
EAOD & CEA pending


Welshriverdee That’s My Boy [SWI] Obedience, herding and Mondioring


Ilavallarens Super [SWE] Agility

Joy is the first dog breeded by us who stays to be part of our kennel, but she lives with Alba Bustillo, one of our best friends who gave us the opportunity to make this possible.

We are lucky to see her every week and live many experiences together. She is a very complete dog like her mother, she is an extremely easy to teach and work with, very fast and with an incredible movement.