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"KIT" Keengreens Kit

Imported from Sweden
Date of Birth 11/11/2017
Black & white Female
Medium coat
Weight 13,5kg
Size 49cm

Breeder: Keengreens

Full dentition and correct bite
Practicing Agility, Obedience and Herding

Hips A, certified by Setov
Elbows 0, certified by Setov
Shoulders OK, OCD free

CEA carrier by Combigen
MDR1 free by Combigen
CL free by Combigen
IGS free by Combigen
MH free by Combigen
TNS free by Combigen
DM free by Combigen
Glaucoma and Goniodygenesis free por Combigen
Sensory Neuropathy free by Combigen
Dental Hypomineralization free (Raine Sindrome) by Combigen
PLL free by Combigen
Cistinuria Type II free by Combigen
Hyperuricemia free (HUU) by Combigen
Hiplaxia 1 and 2 free by Combigen
EAOD carrier by MyDogDNA

Combigen Border Collie Pack and complete Pack of genetic diseases in MyDogDNA, free of 209 diseases, CEA and EAOD carrier.
Tricolor carrier
Sable carrier


Valldrevets Aramis [SWE] Hearding


Keengreens Tee [SWE] Hearding and Obedience

Kit is very easy to live with, always wanting to please us. She’s very obedient and is not afraid of anything, extremely affectionate with everybody and also friendly with other dogs. She is always ready to work no matter the circumstances, with a very strong mind but also she’s able to control her impulses and at the same time be very explosive and intense. She has a strong bite and despite her high motivation for her food, her passion is the play. Kit has been working in obedience, herding and is starting to do agility. She is a very versatile dog, being very natural in each of her disciplines.