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NETFLIX Betty de los Parejo

Date of Birth 12/12/2016
Black & white female
Medium coat

Sire: Boston Blue de Cannatura [ESP]
Dam: Zazpi [SWE] Agility

Size 47,5 cm
Weight 13 kg

Full dentition
Correct bite

Hips A, certified by Setov
Elbows 0, certified by Setov
Shoulders normal; OCD free certified by OFA

CEA, MDR1, CL, IGS, MH, TNS, DM, GG, SN, SR, PLL, HUU y EAOD Free, certified by Combigen and MyDogDNA.

Coat carrier: chocolate, tricolor and diluite.

Agility Standar A1


DIABLO Be Xtreme Diablo Canyon

Date or Birth 07/01/2019
Black & White male
Smooth Coat

Sire: WelshRiverdee Wildes Performance [SWI]
Dam: Misty Highland Uppsala [POL] 

Size 53 cm
Weight 16 kg

Full dentition
Correct scissor bite

Hips  A, certified by AVEPA
ELbows 0, certified by AVEPA
Shoulders normal; OCD libre certified by OFA

Clear of MDR1, CL, IGS, MH, TNS, DM, GG, SN, SR, PLL, HUU, EAOD and carrier of CEA, certified by Combigen and MyDogDNA. 

Tricolor carrier

Agility Level 3
Herding instinct






4 Girls ( 2 Black&white and 2 Tricolor)

2 Boys Black&white

After so much thought, we have finally decided to make the second Netflix litter with Diablo.

Diablo’s first litter at home – He’s out of our Malibu & Kubo and as all his siblings is a young dog with a lot potencial. He’s brave, confident, very lovely, balance, with a natural on/off, calm at home and daily life but with a lot of eager to work, power and speed in Agility. He has also practiced herding and he has showed a lot of natural talent! His structure is very nice, good angulations, nice slim body with a long back and very good size and weight! With other people and dogs is crazy perfect 💙

And what could i say about Netlix? Well, she is the easiest dog in the world! She is really perfect in everything she does! She loooveees people and adult dogs but especially Kids and puppies. Working she goes completely crazy, with a lot of energy and electricity but without any doubt she loves to please! The puppies out of her first Litter have become extraordinary dogs, very versatile, with super athletic bodies, perfect temperament in any environment or situation and working in different sports: agility, obedience, Herding, freesbee, etc.

Luck is finally on our side so you can meet our six wonderful puppies.

For the first time everything stays at home, Netflix and Diablo could not have complemented better and give us more perfect puppies than them ♡ Flix is a super mom and her puppies are the only thing in the world right now.


Black & White girl


Tricolor girl


Tricolor girl


Black & White girl

MALE -1-

Black & White boy

MALE -2-

Black & White boy