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For us it’s very important to spend a lot of time planning each litter, as the result will become puppies very special for us and for other families.

For this reason we analyze and study different lines, pedigrees, diseases of the breed, and of course we invest a lot of time in learning about the functionality of each body structure: angulations, body position, etc. We also want to complement the personality of our females to get litters with a strong, stable & cooperative mentality and with high attitudes at work, without forgetting that they won’t only be sport dogs but also all they will be “family” dogs, and for us this is the most important when we choose the future owners.

This process usually takes us several months and we try to do it in an objective way, but of course we always put a little of our heart.

After the mate we continue working with the puppies which has also taken us many hours of study and we still learn to get our own work protocol. We spend all our time with them until they go with their new families. We like to give each puppy an individual work, it’s based on a lot of and different exercises for getting the better development of each puppy. We consider crucial they will leave as well prepared as possible to discover the world with their new family.

Above all, we try to breed healthy dogs, with good morphology, good character with other dogs and people, balanced, self-confident, lovely and of course, with a big drive to work.

Our puppies are born in their whelping box, in their own room at home, in a family environment. As we said before we consider crucial to do the best work possible with the puppies from birth until they go to their new homes, for this reason we work in Early Neurological Stimulation exercises,  accustom them to sounds, manipulation, encourage play,  walk with leash, recalls, reinforce affection, work with food (clicker) and we also work socialization with other dogs, people and new environments. we also do smell games for that we use interactive toys such as the Kong, smell mats and of course we also give importance to the ON / OFF work, we consider it essential that our puppies also know how to be calm and have rest times, and for this we work with carriers, creating a safe and relaxing place for them.

During this time and for help in our work our puppies can enjoy differents puppy pens and outdoor puppy parks where they learn to use correctly the differents zones like a rest, toilet or play zone and can interactive with differents objets: castle, ramps, ball pit, swing, balance discs and much more.

With all this we want to get they become balanced adult dogs in daily life and easy to live together and also dogs with a high potential for any type of sport.