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"ADRENALINA" Airland Blinding Lights

Date of Birth 12/12/2020
Tricolor Female
Non white factor

Weight 4 kg 
Size 32 kg 

Breeded by us (Airland)

Full dentition and correct scissor bite 

Hips A, certificado por Setov
Elbows 0, certificado por Setov
Shoulders, OCD libre, certificado por SETOV
VA 0
Espondilosis libre

CEA libre
MDR1 free libre
vWD III free libre
PRA libre
DMS libre

Realizado el panel completo de enfermedades geneticas de MydogDNA, siendo libre de 211 enfermedades

Agility Grado 3


Silver Dream Yamaika’s Sun [HU] 35 cm


Lasborras Bombay Sapphire [ES] 31 cm

Adrenalina has a great personality, a lot of character and has been the first in everything from the beginning, with her own opinion of the world and also a little independent, she is not ashamed with anything or anyone.

What she likes the most is tugging, she has a very strong and fixed bite, always doing funny noises even before catching the toy. Another of her passions is running, she always runs everywhere and she loves to go running in the garden with Narnia, her mother! You do not know how I feel when they play together, they could spend hours and hours playing and the truth is that i love it.

From the very first moment she was born she has been part of our family and we could imagine our life without her.