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"MY BOO" In Blue Jersey

Date of Birth 01/01/2020
Tricolor Female
Non white factor

Wieght 5 kg
Size 34,8 cm

Breeder: Diego Martínez (In Blue)

Full dentition and correct scissor bite

Hips pending
Elbows pending
Shoulders pending

CEA free by Combigen
MDR1 free by parentage
vWD III free by parentage

Competing in Agility Level 1

Co-owner with César and Andrea, lives in north of Spain (Galicia)


CH. Lasborras Billy the kid “Billy” [ES] 35 cm


Last Minute In Blue des Loups de L´isengad “Maya” [FRA] 34 cm

Boo is very cheerful and happy girl. She is incredibly social with people and especially with dogs.

Doing Agility she is very fast and intense, being able to work with both food and toys. She has a very natural and wide stride.