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"CASPIAN" Airland Back To The Moon

Date of Birth 12/12/2020
Tricolor Male
Weight 4 kg
Size -33 kg
Non white factor

Breeder: Airland

Full dentition 
Correct Scissor bite

Hips A (by vet, waiting official results)
Elbows 0 (by vet, waiting official results)
Shoulders, OCD Free (by vet, waiting official results)
Patella luxation Free (by vet, waiting official results)

CEA pending
MDR1 free by parentage
vWD III free by parentage
PRA pending
DMS pending

Will practice Agility

Live in Zaragoza, Spain, with my parents


Silver Dream Yamaika’s Sun [HU] 35 cm


Lasborras Bombay Sapphire [ES] 31 cm

Caspian had a very dificult beginning but he was the most fighter puppy I ever had seen. I can’t  find the correct words to describe how proud I am of him and I will always be grateful to have him with us today. We would like to thanks a lot to all the people who supported us in those hard first days, our family and friends but above all a very important person who made this possible and who was also fighting for his brother, a million times thank you Alba.

He’s a real prince you only have to know him. He is super cute and friendly, he is in love with all the dogs and loves to give kisses to eveybody! He also loves to play and tugging as well! He’s simply perfect ♡