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"SICILIA" Petit Fleur Du Grand Champ D’Aubertans

Date of Birth 10/08/2019
Tricolor Female

Weight 4 kg
Size 32 cm

Non white factor

Breeder: Marie-Paule Moser (Grand Champ D’Aubertans)

Full dentition and correct scissor bite

Hips pending
Elbows pending
Shoulders, OCD pending

CEA free by parentage
MDR1 waiting results
DM waiting results
PRA waiting results
DMS waiting results

Competing in Agility A1

Co-owner with Carmen Serrano, lives in Zaragoza (España)


Mambo des Bergers du Landas [FRA] 36,5 cm


Jacadi du Grand Champ d’Aubertans [FRA] 38 cm

Sicilia is an energetic and cheerful girl although at home she is very calm. She also loves to play with other dogs and really like people.

Doing Agility is a very fast dog, electric and a bit demanding. It is easy to use any motivation with her, food or toy.