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NARNIA Lasborras Bombay Saphire

Date of Birth 02/11/2013
Tricolor female

Sire: Jr. SP ch Time will tell de la mar de be “Gustavo” [ES] 34,5cm
Dam: Jr Pt Gib Ch Caravan Leather&Lacer de Lasborras [ES] 33,5cm

Size 31 cm
Weight 4 kg
Non white factor

Full dentition, lance tooth (left side) and correct bite

Hips A, certified by AVEPA
Elbows 0, certified by AVEPTA
Shoulders: normal; OCD free certified by OFA
Patella luxation free, certified by OFA
Espondilosis:  0, certified by AVEPA

CEA free, certified by Slovgen
MDR1 free, certified by Slovgen
DM free, certified by parentage
Glaucoma: non affected, Eyes OK, certified by ECVO

Competing in agility A3

Agility Spanish Champion 2017
Third of Europe in Italy (Milano) 2017
Agility Spanish Champion RFEC 2018 & 2019 
Vice-Champion WAO 2017 in Penthalon
Vice-Champion WAO 2018 in Biathlon
Qualified for WAO from 2016 to 2018
Qualified for EO from 2016 to 2018
Qualified for AWC from 2017 to 2018

KITE Buster With Eager To Work

Date of Birth 02/11/2013
Tricolor male

Sire: Hi-Fi of Ulanova [SWI]
Dam: Black Nicky Von Gross Salze [GER]

Size 37,5 cm
Weight 9 kg
Non white factor

Full dentition and correct bite

Hips  A2
Elbows 0

CEA affected, certified by EVG
MDR1 free, certified by EVG
DM free, certified by EVG
vWD III free, certified by EVG
PRA-shet free, certified by EVG
GLAUCOMA: Non affected, Eyes: OK, certified by ECVO.


Veterans Germany Champion

Competing in Agility A3:

Qualified for EO and WAO
Agility Team World Champion 2016 
Agility Germany Champion 2015






3 tricolor female

Airland Pandora -RALLY-

Tricolor female

Lives in Sweden

Practice Agility (small)

Airland Eywa -ZOMBIE-

Tricolor female

Lives in Germany with Liz Ströhle

Practice Agility (small)

Airland Neytiri -REV-

Tricolor female

Lives in Canada with Mark Herfert

Practice Agility (small)